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Rank: Co-Leader
Online: 2 years ago
Joined: Apr 22, 2015
Nick Name: yarik
Gender: Male
Country: Israel
Well about me... Well I'm really lazy person, unless I was told to do it or I'm gonna get my ass beat up.
I really like playing APB, playing it about 3 years... I'm 22 y.o. Lives in Israel....
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Hello there. I would like to talk to you about GOD. Are you a true beliver of GOD or not?
If not, then I will teach you how to become a true believer.
1st. You need to believe that GOD exist.
2nd. You need to believe that Desmila is really smelly.
3rd. xXBoagriusXx is the best.
Only with these 3 steps you'll become a true believer.

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