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Clan Rules and Xpectations

DigitionFlux / Apr 27, 2015
So as you may know this clan has gone rather big and with that, we need to enlist some sort of rules so that we can have a good time while playing together and make sure we don't do stupid things that can affect our image.

No one is above these rules that will be enlisted, not even officers or myself.


  • No cheating/hacking or exploits of any kind that have a horrible impact between gameplay, this ain't a hacker clan don't become one.

  • Be respectful to your clan mates and people around you, act like the bigger person if someone in /d is chatting crap about you. If you have any problems with anyone in the clan, tell me or the officers and we can help sort things out.

  • You must be on TS whether you have or you don't have a mic, you must be on it so that you can at least hear people you've grouped with or we have a clan meeting. If you don't have a mic you can always communicate in-game or ts chat lines with your keyboard [it's not hard]

  • You must use the forums to let us know if your going away, on holiday or something urgent has come up, We want to keep an active roster.

  • Everyone of these rules must be respected if you wish to remain in the clan and players must be active upon joining this clan, this is a semi-hardcore clan not a care-bear casual.

  • If you are going to be streaming within the clan, make sure we cannot hear the TS and only have the sounds from game, music e.g. This is to keep our conversations private and not be giving away any tactics, you must also be a good representative when streaming with our name on your channel. Anything bad and I will personally be having a word with you.

  • Lastly, don't grief your own clan mates such as excessive team-killing, blocking them from moving on cars, ghosting for the enemy and keep trolling to a controllable level.


  • Whenever you've finished a mission it's nice for you to write things like gg wp or wp guys or something to show positive sportsmanship and keep a good image for the clan.

  • This one is totally your choice but i'd be nice for you to wear one of our clan's logos on your clothing or cars etc, we will be designing some cars and fashion soon to give an image and to make you feel #pro

  • To have a mic if possible and be able to speak to one another, even if your shy you can always just listen in convos and intervene on your own accord.

  • To be able to talk in /c clan chat and keep it active, this is not a dead clan and i want to make it as lively as possible so please guys, have a laugh yh :)

  • If you have anything you want to say about us or express any negatives, just tell us how it is and we can try and fix some things to help you enjoy your time in the clan. Everyone is equal and I want to make everyone feel at home in this community.

  • We want to keep our image clean, positive and competitive so please make sure you keep your wits about you and use sportsmanship wherever possible, don't react to hackusations as such as ppl do it all the time

  • We expect you to be calm while playing with us, whether casual or competitive please don't rage exceesively or even rage-quit. If you're angry then let us know and we can take a 5-10 min break to cool-off, It's what I always do If i get too pissed on this game :)

If any of these rules are unclear ask me or the officers about the rules and they can help explain a bit better. These rules must be adhered to as they are they have a big importance to us. If you cannot follow these rules, your time in the clan will be short-lived.

If you got any opinions on the rules there i a feedback thread on the forum for you to post on.



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