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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Nov 25, 2016)
GW2 is were I'm at anyone's still alive
(Aug 20, 2016)
24/7 CS:GO, sorry man
(Aug 11, 2016)
ima goin to play that sshit
(Aug 11, 2016)
(Aug 10, 2016)
Not really :3
(Aug 07, 2016)
y boyz still playin apb:3
(Aug 07, 2016)
(Aug 05, 2016)
What's happening with the engine? :D Did it run away from developer's office? :D It won't come out... ever :(
(Jul 31, 2016)
go for it ! Since i'm already lvl 50 HM4 i don't mind
(Jul 20, 2016)
Looking to maybe recruit on BnS as our begging again, what's people's though on this
(Jul 13, 2016)
Who else was once told the myth that APBs enginge in going to get an update in the near future ? Kappa
(Apr 03, 2016)
Lol I can fucking play APB on my latpop
(Mar 29, 2016)
Good to hear that :) Couldnt get to the stream, because I was not at droms, where I have my PC :(
(Mar 25, 2016)
Gonna be streaming today since im in the UK
(Mar 13, 2016)
By the way, what about some "Clan meeting", some talkin about life and chill playing.
(Mar 13, 2016)
You didnt have them? Gratz thouhg :D glad to hear that :D
(Mar 13, 2016)
(Mar 13, 2016)
(Mar 13, 2016)
(Feb 21, 2016)
I bet you left us and started a youtube career! :O